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At Complytek, we specialize in safeguarding high-risk corporations. We provide the expertise and technology to streamline compliance, fight financial crime, and mitigate risk within the fields of telecommunications, property, imports/exports, and luxury sectors. Unleash your business potential while maintaining full compliance with local and international regulations.


Comply with Confidence

Our advanced, AI-powered solutions can easily be integrated into your existing processes, providing real-time analysis and actionable insights for comprehensive risk management.


Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you're in telecommunications, property, imports/exports, or luxury sectors, we tailor our solutions to fit your unique needs, ensuring a balanced approach between risk mitigation and business growth.

Why Complytek?

With our AI-driven technology, and deep-rooted industry knowledge, we offer customizable solutions to streamline your transactions and safeguard your business. Whether it's complying with ever-evolving regulations or catering to unique business requirements, Complytek stands as the perfect regtech partner for your business.

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Complytek's systems are designed to impress even the most stringent regulators. Our clear, comprehensive audit trails provide tangible proof of robust compliance processes
Our dynamic systems analyze customers against an expansive range of international databases and watchlists. This includes government, law enforcement, sanctions, and politically exposed persons (PEPs).
Easily incorporate our AML checks into your onboarding and monitoring workflows, enabling real-time screening of clients and transactions. Complytek's versatile API allows for seamless integration.
Don't let compliance slow you down. Our automated, scalable solutions allow for real-time alerts on suspicious activity. Streamline and scale your compliance processes with Complytek.

Client Success Stories


AML/KYC compliance automated solution for risk mitigation

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Holistic client risk evaluation, ensuring risk mitigation

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Baker Tilly South-East Europe

CRM & AML processes in one place

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A high-risk corporate typically operates within an industry that faces a higher level of regulatory scrutiny due to an increased risk of financial crimes, money laundering, or fraud. These industries often include telecommunications, property, imports/exports, and luxury sectors. Complytek's innovative solutions help such corporates maintain full compliance and effectively manage risks.
To ensure compliance, high-risk corporates must implement robust risk management procedures, conduct comprehensive customer screenings, and maintain clear audit trails. Complytek’s advanced, AI-powered solutions streamline these processes, making compliance more manageable and efficient.
The major challenges include keeping up with evolving regulatory frameworks, managing risk while promoting growth, and integrating compliance processes into existing workflows. Complytek provides a harmonious integration of compliance processes and real-time comprehensive analysis, mitigating these challenges and allowing businesses to focus on growth.
Automation can greatly streamline compliance management, reducing the burden of manual tasks and minimizing human error. It enables real-time screenings and immediate alerts on suspicious activity. Complytek's solutions are designed to automate and scale, allowing high-risk corporates to manage compliance efficiently.
Balancing risk management with business growth requires a comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements and a well-structured risk management strategy. Complytek offers tailored solutions for high-risk corporates, striking a balance between regulatory compliance and business growth.