Regulatory Reporting

Unlock the Power of Regulatory Reporting with Complytek

Master compliance and simplify complex regulatory requirements with Complytek’s comprehensive Regulatory Reporting tools. Offering both pre-defined and ad hoc reporting capabilities, our advanced platform transforms challenges into streamlined workflows, enabling you to maintain regulatory compliance and make informed business decisions.

In-depth Reporting Features for Efficient Compliance

Gain a competitive edge with Complytek’s unique reporting features. Our platform supports standard reports, ad hoc reports, and attaching, accessing, sharing, and searching documents across all system screens. Privileged users can leverage our robust reporting tools, including the Corep Report and Capital Adequacy.


Why Choose Complytek?

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Navigate complex compliance landscapes with our intuitive platform. Streamline your processes with our predefined and custom reports.
Attach, share, and access documents effortlessly across all forms in the system. Simplify your data management with Complytek.
Our platform is designed for ease of use. Access reports, manage documents, and maintain compliance effortlessly with our user-friendly interface.
Generate detailed reports with our comprehensive reporting tools. Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with our Corep Report and Capital Adequacy tools.

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compliance automated solution for risk mitigation

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Holistic client risk evaluation, ensuring risk mitigation

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CRM & AML processes in one place

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Regulatory reporting involves submitting necessary information to regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with specific industry regulations. With Complytek, you can simplify these tasks with our predefined and ad hoc reporting capabilities.

A versatile regulatory reporting tool like Complytek allows you to generate both standard and custom (ad hoc) reports. These are vital in maintaining compliance and informing business decisions.

Complytek's platform provides capabilities for attaching, accessing, sharing, and searching documents across all forms in the system. This ensures efficient document management while focusing on regulatory compliance.

A Corep Report is a mandatory report for financial institutions in the EU, detailing their capital adequacy. Complytek offers this advanced reporting tool, simplifying the reporting process for our users.

Capital adequacy is a measure of a bank's financial strength. Complytek's platform includes Capital Adequacy tools, aiding financial institutions in maintaining compliance and mitigating financial risk.
Discover a new era of regulatory reporting with Complytek.