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Navigate the complex world of KYB with Complytek’s top-tier solutions, meticulously designed to streamline your business verification processes. Benefit from comprehensive checks, deep insights, and uncompromised compliance.

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At Complytek, we understand the importance of knowing who you are doing business with. Our KYB solutions are crafted to provide detailed insights into business entities, their ownership structures, and any potential risks associated with them. From automated checks to manual verifications, we’ve got you covered.


Why Choose Complytek for Your KYB Needs?

Whether you’re looking to verify business entities, understand ownership structures, or ensure regulatory compliance, Complytek is your go-to solution.

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Leverage our extensive database and cutting-edge technology to perform exhaustive business verifications.
Our solutions are designed to cater to businesses worldwide, ensuring you have the information you need, no matter where your business partners are located.
Experience seamless navigation through our intuitive platform, making your KYB processes smoother and more efficient.
Our team of experts is always ready to assist you, ensuring you make the most out of our KYB solutions.
Trust in our robust security measures, designed to protect your data and provide reliable verifications.

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compliance automated solution for risk mitigation

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Holistic client risk evaluation, ensuring risk mitigation

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CRM & AML processes in one place

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KYB is a process that businesses undergo to verify the legal existence of their corporate customers, understand their nature and structure, and assess the risk they pose. Complytek’s solutions facilitate this process, ensuring thorough and accurate business verifications.

KYB is crucial for maintaining compliance with global regulatory requirements, preventing fraud, and protecting your business from potential risks. Complytek aids in this process by providing comprehensive and reliable KYB solutions.

While KYC focuses on verifying the identity of individual customers, KYB is concerned with understanding and verifying business entities. Complytek offers both KYB and KYC solutions, ensuring all aspects of your business verification needs are met.

Typically, a KYB check requires details like the business name, registration number, and jurisdiction. Complytek simplifies this process by collating and verifying this information efficiently through our advanced solutions.

PEPs (Politically Exposed Persons), Sanctions, and Adverse Media Screening are crucial aspects of a comprehensive risk assessment strategy. These ensure that businesses are not associating with high-risk individuals or entities, thereby avoiding legal issues and reputational damage. Complytek provides robust risk assessment through PEPs, Sanctions, and Adverse Media Screening as part of its comprehensive identity verification solution.
Dive into a world of advanced Know Your Business (KYB) solutions with Complytek.