Payment Screening

Screen Payment Counterparties in Real-time Against Various Watchlists

Navigate the complex world of financial transactions with Complytek’s Payment Screening platform. Our solution ensures the integrity of your payment transactions through real-time screening of different payment message formats. These payment messages contain essential information about the payment transaction, and screening them is crucial to identify and flag any potential risks or suspicious activities.

Your Trusted Shield in Digital Transactions

In the dynamic world of digital transactions, Complytek’s Payment Screening emerges as a beacon of security. Designed to process an array of payment message formats including SWIFT, SEPA, and ISO20022, it adapts to the complex needs of diverse financial landscapes. Our system’s flexibility, epitomized by customizable screening rules and filters, ensures that every transaction adheres to global compliance norms, offering a blend of precision and security.


Beyond Screening: A Comprehensive Financial Crime Barrier

Complytek goes beyond traditional transaction screening by offering a fortress against financial crimes like money laundering and terrorist financing. Real-time monitoring and insights into every transaction ensure immediate detection and response to potential threats. With Complytek, every transaction isn’t just processed but fortified, assuring the dual pinnacle of security and regulatory compliance. Your business doesn’t just transact; it thrives in absolute security.

Customer Screening
Complytek Payment Screening Features Empower you to:

Complytek diligently checks transactions against various sanctions lists issued by governments and international organizations.

We scan payment transactions for involvement with politically exposed persons, reducing corruption and money laundering risks.

Anticipate irregularities and unusual patterns in payment messages with our advanced analytics, preempting potential fraudulent activities.

Complytek assigns risk scores to payment transactions based on predefined factors and algorithms, allowing strategic focus on high-risk transactions.

Our solution initiates a Case Management process upon detection of a suspicious payment transaction, facilitating thorough investigation and documentation.

Customize and manage your watchlists according to your organization's risk profile, enhancing the efficiency of your screening process.

Complytek enables seamless integration with your firm's payment systems and databases for comprehensive and accurate analysis of your payment transactions.

Why Choose Complytek?

When it comes to payment screening, Complytek offers unrivaled accuracy, efficiency, and compliance. Our seamless transaction screening protects your business and offers you peace of mind.

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With our continuous analysis of payment messages and identifying unusual or suspicious transaction patterns, Complytek serves as your ultimate shield against fraudulent activities.
Our real-time payment screening mechanism enables quick identification of potential risks and allows for immediate action to prevent any financial or reputational damage. Simultaneously, we ensure the highest level of security for your customers' funds and personal information.
Through our payment screening solution, gain valuable insights into payment behavior trends to optimize your business strategies. We also facilitate streamlined regulatory reporting with detailed documentation support.
Complytek's real-time alerts on suspicious activities let you respond swiftly, preventing any fraudulent escalation. With automated suspicious activity detection, we enhance your payment review efficiency, leading to significant cost savings.
Our systems are designed to adapt to evolving fraud threats, keeping you always one step ahead of the fraudsters. Choose Complytek and showcase your commitment to robust security and compliance, thereby boosting your business reputation.
Complytek aids in strategic decision-making, product development, and risk management through data-driven insights. Further, our diligent detection and reporting mechanism reinforces your compliance with AML regulations.

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Payment Screening, also known as Transaction Screening, is a preventive measure taken by businesses to ensure the integrity and security of their financial transactions. It involves real-time pre-clearing screening of payment messages against various risk factors and compliance lists. Complytek's RegTek+ Transaction Screening offers a comprehensive solution to streamline this complex process and protect your business from potential financial risks.

Different financial institutions globally use different payment message formats for international transactions. By being able to process SWIFT, SEPA, and ISO20022 formats, your business ensures seamless transaction processing and enhanced security. Complytek's Payment Screening solution is designed to process these popular formats effortlessly, ensuring comprehensive coverage and efficient risk management.

Screening rules and filters are the fundamental components of a payment screening process. They enable businesses to screen transactions against sanction lists, embargo lists, PEPs, and more to comply with global regulations. Complytek allows you to configure these rules and filters flexibly, ensuring precise and accurate results tailored to your unique requirements.

Using an advanced payment screening platform can help you simplify your compliance and workflow management by resolving potential issues before payment, memorizing screening decisions to avoid redundant work, and allowing transparent screening rules configuration. Complytek offers a streamlined solution to manage your compliance workflow efficiently, saving you valuable time and resources.

Pre-clearing screening is the process of checking transactions for potential issues before they are cleared. It helps save time, resources, and protects your business from the consequences of processing illegal or high-risk transactions. With Complytek, you can enjoy seamless pre-clearing screening, ensuring your business operates within the compliance boundaries and without unnecessary delays.
Discover a new era of payment screening with Complytek.