Customer Screening

Unparalleled Customer Screening Solution with Complytek

Take your business security to the next level with Complytek’s robust Customer Screening. Ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate risks with our comprehensive tools and databases for evaluating and verifying the identity and background of potential customers.

  • Select your own choice of the 3rd party databases for PEP lists, Sanction lists, Watchlists, Adverse Media, Country lists and Company Registries
  • Screen customers against these lists during onboarding and afterwards (Ongoing Monitoring)
  • Challenge false positives with AI

Comprehensive Identity Verification & Screening

Complytek’s end-to-end digital identity verification system ensures the most reliable collection and analysis, providing the highest level of assurance for your business and meeting regulatory requirements.


Secure Onboarding & Customer Monitoring

We employ advanced technologies for seamless, safe customer onboarding, while our continuous customer monitoring maintains your business’s integrity in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Customer Screening
Complytek Customer Screening Features Empower you to:

Our Automated Data Gathering feature effortlessly connects with external data sources, databases, and your firm's existing platforms via APIs. This ensures consistent updates of client profiles and streamlined data management.

With our Watchlist Screening feature, you can effortlessly screen individuals and entities against a wide range of databases, including PEPs and Sanction lists. This helps you promptly identify high-risk entities and make informed decisions.

Our solution offers Customer Risk Profiling and Customizable Risk Scoring, creating precise risk profiles based on various data attributes. Customize risk scoring models to align with your firm's unique risk appetite and operational requirements.

Our Electronic Identity Verification feature can authenticate client details (Name, Address, DOB, ID) against multiple trusted data sources. At the same time, quick, frictionless Electronic Document Verification ensures efficient onboarding of legitimate clients.

Our Document Management feature provides a secure, centralized repository for customer identification documents and related records. This ensures easy access and retrieval for compliance and audit procedures.

Our Enhanced Due Diligence feature triggers in-depth investigations for high-risk customers, allowing your firm to gather additional information, ensure compliance, and manage risk effectively.

Our Real-time Ongoing Monitoring feature allows continuous scrutiny of client profiles and transactions, enabling you to detect changes in risk levels or suspicious activities promptly.

Our Workflow Management with Automated Alerts feature streamlines your customer screening process and case management. Discrepancies, unusual patterns, or changes in customer risk profiles trigger alerts, ensuring timely action for risk mitigation.

Why Choose Complytek’s
Optimized Payment Solutions?

With our AI-driven technologies, and deep-rooted industry knowledge, we offer customizable solutions to streamline your transactions and safeguard your business. Whether it's complying with ever-evolving regulations or catering to unique business requirements, Complytek stands as the perfect regtech partner for your enterprise.

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By adhering to KYC and AML regulations, our customer screening solution ensures you meet regulatory obligations and industry best practices. Our approach facilitates comprehensive risk assessments and devises effective mitigation strategies by screening customer data against diverse databases and watchlists.
Our solution is designed to pinpoint high-risk individuals, entities, or PEPs, enabling targeted due diligence for a deeper understanding of their activities and fund sources. Additionally, we help prevent fraudulent activities by identifying potential fraudsters early, either during onboarding or ongoing monitoring.
Our customer screening solution operates in real-time or near real-time, providing immediate alerts to changes in a customer's risk profile or emerging risks. Simultaneously, we streamline the customer onboarding process through quick identity verification and red-flag checks, enhancing customer experience.
With Complytek, customer data and risk profiles are continuously updated to capture changes in risk levels or suspicious activities. Furthermore, by identifying high-risk customers, we enable more efficient resource allocation, allowing you to focus on customers who pose the greatest risk.
Our solution incorporates robust security measures to protect sensitive customer information, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. Complytek's customer screening solution is highly scalable, handling large volumes of customer data and scaling as your customer base expands.
By employing a robust customer screening solution, your commitment to security, compliance, and customer protection is demonstrated, enhancing your institution's reputation and trust. Our automated systems minimize manual efforts in due diligence and risk assessment, boosting operational efficiency and reducing errors.


Customer screening is a crucial procedure used by businesses to verify the identity of their customers and assess their risk profiles. It helps in the prevention of fraudulent activities, money laundering, and other types of financial crimes. By maintaining compliance with regulations and fostering trust in the business-customer relationship, companies can ensure their operations are secure and reliable. At Complytek, we provide a comprehensive customer screening solution that aids businesses in these crucial areas.

Customer screening typically involves identity verification, background checks, and risk assessment. Identity verification confirms that a customer is who they claim to be, using documents such as passports or driver's licenses. Background checks look into any criminal history or financial red flags, while risk assessment determines the potential for future fraudulent activities. Complytek's advanced technology ensures a thorough, accurate, and efficient screening process for your business.

Yes, customer screening is mandated by various regulations worldwide, especially in sectors like finance and banking. In the U.S., for instance, businesses must comply with the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, which include thorough customer screening procedures. Complytek's robust screening solution is designed to keep businesses compliant with such legal requirements, safeguarding your operations from potential legal implications.

Implementing a comprehensive customer screening process enables businesses to better manage risk, prevent fraud, and ensure compliance with regulations. It also helps in building customer trust by demonstrating a commitment to safety and integrity. Overall, it contributes to the long-term sustainability and reputation of a business. Complytek's customer screening solution is engineered with these benefits in mind, offering businesses peace of mind and a strong foundation of trust.

Absolutely, many businesses utilize automated systems for customer screening. These systems use sophisticated technology to verify identities, assess risk, and continuously monitor customer activity. Automation can increase accuracy, reduce manual effort, and help ensure compliance with evolving regulations. At Complytek, we employ cutting-edge technology to automate your customer screening process, ensuring top-notch efficiency and compliance.
Complytek’s robust customer screening solution is designed to fortify your business against ever-evolving threats through seamless onboarding, thorough identity verification, and ongoing customer monitoring.