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Navigate regulatory compliance and anti-money laundering (AML) effortlessly with Complytek’s revolutionary solutions. As a trusted provider in the financial industry, we strive to strengthen your institution’s defenses and safeguard your operations.


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At Complytek, we specialize in developing software solutions that help banks and financial institutions navigate intricate regulatory landscapes. Our technology simplifies compliance, mitigates risk, and identifies financial crimes, allowing your team to focus on what really matters.


Complytek's Cutting-edge
KYC, AML and Fraud Solutions

Complytek’s state-of-the-art KYC, AML and Fraud Solutions empower banks and financial institutions to detect, monitor, and report suspicious transactions swiftly and efficiently. Utilize our tools to improve your financial crime defenses and ensure absolute compliance with stringent regulations.


Stay Ahead with Real-time Risk

In today's volatile financial landscape, staying one step ahead is crucial. Complytek's risk management software solutions provide real-time monitoring and analysis, keeping your institution safe and your operations smooth. Turn risk into advantage with our robust, reliable, and revolutionary solutions.

Why Choose Complytek?

In an era of increasingly stringent regulations and heightened financial risk, Complytek stands as your trusted partner. We understand the complex challenges that banks and financial institutions face daily and offer advanced software solutions designed to streamline processes, mitigate risks, and ensure total compliance.

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Complytek’s holistic tools empower you to master compliance and risk management, enhancing your organization's ethical framework and reputation. Navigate the regulatory landscape with confidence, knowing your institution is protected from potential financial threats.
Our advanced systems streamline customer onboarding, cutting down the time and effort spent on initial setup and verifications. With Complytek, create a first impression that's both customer-friendly and regulator-friendly.
Stay ahead of potential threats with our proactive risk alerting system. Complytek delivers real-time updates, ensuring your institution is the first to know about critical changes in risk status.
Complytek's software solutions are designed for seamless integration, making adoption simple and intuitive. Our API interfaces align with your current systems, enabling smooth operations and instantaneous alerts on suspicious transactions.
Rely on Complytek for industry-leading security standards. Our systems are ISO 27001 certified across all locations, ensuring the highest level of data protection for your institution and its customers.

Step into the Future with Complytek

From Onboarding, AML and KYC, to Risk and Compliance Management, our Solutions are your all-in-one partners for a 360-degree perspective of your business. Why wait? Make the smart move and get started with Complytek’s technology today.


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AML/KYC compliance automated solution for risk mitigation

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Holistic client risk evaluation, ensuring risk mitigation

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Baker Tilly South-East Europe

CRM & AML processes in one place

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Regulatory compliance in banking and financial institutions refers to adhering to laws, regulations, guidelines, and specifications relevant to their business operations. It's crucial for institutions to maintain integrity, prevent fraud, and contribute to a stable financial system. With Complytek's innovative compliance tools, banks can simplify these complex processes and ensure complete adherence to all regulatory requirements.
Anti-Money Laundering (AML) is essential for banks to prevent illegal activities, such as money laundering and terrorism financing. Effective AML practices protect the institution's reputation, contribute to global security efforts, and ensure compliance with regulatory bodies. Complytek's AML software solutions are designed to detect, monitor, and report suspicious transactions, providing a robust defense against financial crime.
Technology can vastly improve risk management by providing real-time monitoring, predictive analytics, and streamlined reporting processes. It enables banks to identify, assess, and mitigate risks proactively. Complytek's risk management software solutions leverage advanced technology to deliver real-time insights, helping banks stay one step ahead.
Customer onboarding is the process through which new clients acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective customers. It's crucial for compliance, as it involves identity verification and understanding the client's intended activities to prevent financial crime. Complytek's toolkit streamlines the customer onboarding process, ensuring a quick and secure start for clients while maintaining regulatory compliance.
Financial institutions can ensure data security through measures like secure data storage, encryption, access controls, regular audits, and adhering to international security standards. Complytek places a high priority on data security, with ISO 27001 certification across all our systems and locations, providing top-tier data protection for your institution and its clients.
GRC modules are integrated systems designed to help banks align their operations with regulations, manage potential risks, and ensure proper corporate governance. Complytek's GRC solutions encompass four main modules: 
  1. Risk Management: Enables banks to identify, assess, and mitigate risks efficiently. Features like real-time monitoring, automated risk assessments, and predictive analytics help institutions preempt and address potential threats.

  2. Internal Audit: This module facilitates systematic audits of all bank operations, ensuring that they adhere to established internal processes and external regulatory standards. It promotes transparency, accountability, and efficiency.

  3. Compliance Management: Streamlines the process of ensuring complete adherence to all relevant regulatory standards. It includes tools for tracking regulatory changes, automating compliance workflows, and generating necessary reports for oversight bodies.

  4. Incident & Loss: This module focuses on detecting, documenting, and responding to incidents that could result in financial loss. It helps banks to quickly address these issues, minimize potential damage, and implement preventive measures for the future.

Complytek's GRC solutions offer these modules in a comprehensive, user-friendly system. With advanced technology and seamless integration capabilities, Complytek makes managing governance, risk, and compliance effortless for banks and financial institutions.