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Discover superior compliance solutions for Forex and trading firms with Complytek. We offer bespoke services catered to your specific needs, empowering you to operate in a fast-paced, global market with confidence.


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Complytek is not just a service provider; we are your trusted partner. Our track record of working with numerous industry leaders stands testament to our capabilities. We're committed to offering innovative solutions that help you overcome compliance obstacles, regardless of the scale or complexity.


Personalized Compliance
Solutions for Your Unique Needs

At Complytek, we believe in a tailored approach to ensure that your needs are met efficiently and effectively. We empower you to stay abreast of the latest regulations and news at a multi-jurisdictional level using our advanced platforms, which leverage machine learning and BI analytics. Enjoy faster client onboarding, more effective transaction monitoring, and efficient management of your Compliance and Back Office operations. Furthermore, our specialization in customisation sets us apart. As our partner, you'll be involved in developing new, technologically advanced modules such as the Social Media Image Monitoring module.


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Don't let the complexities of Forex trading compliance overwhelm you. Partner with Complytek and navigate this dynamic landscape with confidence. Contact us today to learn more about our tailored solutions and begin your journey towards seamless compliance.

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At Complytek, we don’t just offer solutions, we build partnerships. We're here to support you through every twist and turn of the FX market. With our advanced, user-friendly one-stop solution, step confidently into the ever-evolving world of Forex and trading. Why wait? Make the smart move and get started with Complytek’s technology today.


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AML/KYC compliance automated solution for risk mitigation

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Holistic client risk evaluation, ensuring risk mitigation

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Baker Tilly South-East Europe

CRM & AML processes in one place

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Forex brokers face several challenges, including constantly changing regulations, managing compliance across multiple jurisdictions, and dealing with large volumes of transactions. The complexity can be daunting, especially considering the speed and volatility of the Forex market. With Complytek, you can effortlessly navigate these challenges. Our platform uses machine learning and BI analytics to help you stay up-to-date with regulations and efficiently manage your compliance needs.
Real-time monitoring is crucial in Forex trading as it helps detect suspicious activities promptly, preventing potential financial losses or regulatory violations. Complytek provides effective real-time transaction monitoring, helping you to identify and mitigate risks swiftly and accurately.
Customized compliance solutions cater to the unique needs of each Forex broker, offering optimized and efficient compliance management. Complytek understands this and specializes in delivering tailored solutions that evolve with your business, ensuring you stay compliant in every aspect of your operations.
Keeping up with multi-jurisdictional regulations can be a complex task, given the variations and frequent changes in global financial laws. Complytek's advanced platforms utilize machine learning to keep you abreast of the latest regulations across different jurisdictions, aiding your global operations.
Automated client onboarding reduces manual work, speeds up the process, minimizes errors, and improves the client experience. Complytek's platform streamlines your client onboarding process, allowing you to onboard clients faster while adhering to regulatory compliance.