Terrorist Financing – The case of Hamas

December 07, 2023
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Terrorist financing means the financing of terrorists, terrorist acts, and terrorist organizations (FATF glossary). Terrorist acts can range from planning and executing terrorist attacks to recruiting and training members, acquiring weapons and equipment, and influencing public opinion.

Terrorist organizations pose a significant global threat, causing widespread fear, instability, and loss of life. According to the FATF, terrorist organizations rely on various methods to support their operations, which can originate from various sources and concealed through various methods including:

The case of Hamas

The recent attack of Hamas on Israel highlights the importance of combating terrorist financing.

According to Reuters, Hamas is known to have a wide fundraising tools that includes charitable organizations, taxes on goods, and donations from friendly nations such as Iran and Qatar. The group also uses cryptocurrencies, credit cards, and contrived trade deals to avoid international restrictions.

The United States has increased its efforts to cut off funding to Hamas. However, completely cutting off the money to Hamas and affiliated terrorist groups has been difficult.

Regulated entities need to understand that the primary goal of individuals or entities involved in the financing of terrorism is not necessarily to conceal the sources of the money but to conceal both the financing and the nature of the financed activity.

Combating Terrorism Financing – Practical strategies

It is crucial for entities to implement a comprehensive approach to terrorist financing that includes understanding the methods by which terrorist organizations acquire and utilize funds and taking measures to prevent them.

Here are some key strategies:

By understanding the complex mechanisms of terrorist financing and taking appropriate measures, we can better target our efforts to disrupt their funding sources and ultimately dismantle their operations, safeguarding communities from the devastating impact of terrorism.

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