Protecting Your Practice: Essential AML Red Flags for Lawyers and Accountants

January 09, 2024

As professionals vested with trust, lawyers and accountants play a pivotal role in the financial integrity of businesses and individuals. Yet, this privileged position, paired with their expertise in managing complex financial affairs, often marks them as potential targets for money laundering and related criminal activities.

How Legal and Accounting Professionals Get Exploited

Money launderers and sanctions evaders have historically employed various strategies to manipulate legal and accounting professionals. They use tactics like:

Recognizing Red Flags

If you are a lawyer or accountant, you need to ensure that you act as a gatekeeper of the legitimate economy. Some red flags to look for to protect your profession from money laundering or sanctions evasion include:

By maintaining heightened awareness and implementing strong anti-money laundering controls, legal and accounting professionals can shield their practices from being exploited for illicit financial activities.

Complytek: Your Shield Against Financial Crimes

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