Complytek Renews Certification as an Equal Opportunities Employer, Demonstrating Commitment to Gender Equality in the Workplace

December 19, 2023
Complytek Renews Certification as an Equal Opportunities Employer

Complytek Achieves Renewed Certification as an Equal Opportunities Employer

Complytek proudly announces the successful renewal of its Certification as an Equal Opportunities Employer by the National Business Certification Body for the Implementation of Good Gender Equality Practices in the Working Environment. This renewal reaffirms Complytek’s onoging commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace.

Milestone Journey Towards Inclusive Workplace

Our journey began in 2019 when Complytek first received this certification. Since then, we’ve been building a workplace that values and promotes equal opportunities. This year, we successfully renewed our certification. The process included a comprehensive audit and an employee survey. These efforts helped us assess and improve our gender equality practices.

Comprehensive Equal Opportunities Initiatives

At Complytek, we’ve implemented a range of initiatives to support a diverse work environment:

Leadership’s Commitment to Equality

Mr. Anastasios Ttiniozou, Executive Director and Co-founder of Complytek, expressed his enthusiasm for the renewed certification, stating, “At Complytek, we are dedicated to promoting the equality of genders, respecting the unique contributions of each individual. We take pride in the fact that 50% of our female employees hold key managerial positions within the company. This achievement reflects our ongoing commitment to creating a workplace that values diversity and provides equal opportunities for professional growth.

Continuous Mission for an Inclusive Workplace

Complytek remains steadfast in its mission to foster a workplace that is not only compliant with equal opportunities standards, but also actively promotes an inclusive and supportive culture for all employees.

Learn More About Complytek’s Values and Culture

Complytek remains dedicated to fostering a workplace that cherishes diversity and provides equal opportunities for all. We invite you to explore our journey and commitment to creating an inclusive environment. Discover the heart of our company’s ethos and join us in celebrating equality in the workplace. Visit our About Complytek page to learn more.

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