Complytek Deploys Custom Compliance Solution for AEON Payment Technologies’ International Expansion

May 22, 2024
Complytek proudly announces its new client partnership with AEON Payment Technologies

Complytek Deploys Custom Compliance Solution for AEON Payment Technologies’ International Expansion

Complytek, a leader in regulatory technology solutions, is excited to announce a new client relationship with AEON Payment Technologies, a prominent provider of innovative payment system solutions. Based in Cyprus and founded in 2015, AEON Payment Technologies has been at the forefront of merging world-class technology with in-house fintech solutions to revolutionize payment processing.

In this significant engagement, AEON has selected Complytek to enhance its security and compliance frameworks, vital for extending their comprehensive payment processing services which include card issuing, merchant acquiring, and fraud monitoring among others. Complytek will provide custom-built compliance solutions tailored to meet AEON’s specific needs, ensuring adherence to international standards like PCI DSS while supporting their rapid expansion and increasing merchant and cardholder base.

Enhancing Payment System with Advanced Compliance Solutions

Complytek’s involvement with AEON Payment Technologies will include the implementation of its advanced Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) suite, designed to manage compliance and streamline onboarding effectively. This suite will optimize interactions between AEON and their clients, improving efficiency and ensuring seamless API integrations with AEON’s state-of-the-art payment systems.

  1. Client Lifecycle Management Solution: Streamlines client onboarding and automates complex compliance processes to improve interaction efficiency and compliance team effectiveness.
  2. Post and Live Transaction Monitoring Rule Engine & Machine Learning: Cutting-edge technology that monitors transactions in real time, leveraging machine learning to detect and respond to suspicious activities effectively.
  3. Client Lifecycle Management Risk Assessment: A dynamic assessment framework that rigorously evaluates compliance risks, adapting swiftly to new regulatory demands and operational challenges to safeguard AEON’s expansive transaction environment.

“We are excited to support AEON Payment Technologies and contribute to redefining the landscape of payment systems”, said Faisal Islam, CEO of Complytek. This relationship highlights our dedication to empowering the payment industry with advanced, secure, and custom-built compliance solutions that promote growth and trust.

The collaboration between Complytek and AEON Payment Technologies marks a pivotal advancement in integrating cutting-edge compliance solutions within the payment industry, setting new benchmarks for security and operational efficiency, and enhancing the experience for millions of cardholders and thousands of merchants globally.


About Complytek:

Complytek is a leading provider of Compliance and Client Lifecycle Management software, specializing in Machine Learning and Automation. With a focus on AI-driven technology, Complytek streamlines and automates compliance processes, empowering organizations across various industries to meet their regulatory requirements effectively.