In the Hearts of Our Clients: Celebrating Complytek’s Commitment to Exceptional Service

July 10, 2024

In the hearts of the Complytek team professionals, beats the constant call to provide exceptional service to our customers. We believe that true service excellence starts with our people. Our dedicated team of professionals are committed to coaching, sharing best practices and ensuring you receive the support you need every step of the way.

We recently conducted a survey to gather feedback from 30 of our clients across the Banking, Fintech/EMI, FX, and Insurance sectors. We are thrilled to share that our recent survey reflects outstanding scores, underscoring the value of our unique approach. We remain focused on maintaining a 100% human touch when engaging with our clients.

Here are the highlights from our recent client satisfaction survey:


Overall Support

Our clients expressed high satisfaction with the overall support received from our team, awarding us an impressive score of 89%. Clients appreciated the comprehensive assistance and guidance provided by our team



Clients valued our team’s prompt and efficient handling of inquiries and issues, giving us a score of 89% for responsiveness. This reflects our commitment to being readily available and responsive to our clients’ needs.


Knowledgeable Representatives

Our team’s expertise was highly valued, earning us a stellar score of 95%. Clients recognized the deep knowledge and professionalism of our team.


Keeping Clients Informed

Our communication regarding issue status was well-received, with clients scoring us at 85% for keeping them informed. Effective communication is key to our client relationships, ensuring they are always in the loop.


Ease of Contact

Clients found it easy to get in touch with our team, reflected in a score of 85%. We strive to make ourselves accessible through multiple communication channels.


Issue Resolution

Satisfaction with the resolution of issues was high, with a score of 85%. Clients appreciated our efficient and effective problem-solving abilities.


Likely To Recommend

Clients are highly likely to recommend our support services to others, as evidenced by a score of 91%. This is a testament to the trust and satisfaction our clients have in us.


First Contact Resolution

Our effectiveness in resolving issues on the first contact earned us a solid score of 84%. Clients valued our ability to address their concerns promptly and accurately.


Communication Methods

Clients appreciated the various communication methods available to contact us, awarding a score of 81%. We offer multiple channels to ensure our clients can reach us in the most convenient way for them.


Understanding Client Needs

Our ability to understand and address client needs and concerns was highly rated, with a score of 89%. We take the time to listen and tailor our support to meet individual client requirements.


Overall Quality

The overall quality of our team received a high score of 91%. This reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch service.


Future Contact Likelihood

Clients are very likely to contact our team again if needed, as shown by a score of 99%. This highlights the strong ongoing relationships we build with our clients.


Timeliness of Responses

Our timely responses were well-regarded, earning a score of 88%. Prompt communication is a cornerstone of our service delivery.


Solutions Clarity

Our team was praised for providing clear and understandable solutions, scoring 92%. Clients appreciated the straightforward and effective communication.


Courteous and Professional

Clients highlighted our courteous and professional demeanor, awarding us a remarkable score of 97%. Our respectful and professional approach is a key aspect of our client interactions.


Continuation of Services

Based on their experience with our team, clients are highly likely to continue using our services, giving us a score of 89%. This demonstrates the trust and satisfaction we build through our service excellence.



The friendliness of our team was well-received, earning a score of 96%. Clients felt welcomed and valued in every interaction.


Overall Efficiency

Our efficiency in managing client needs was appreciated, with a score of 89%. Clients recognized our ability to handle their needs effectively and efficiently.



Clients were satisfied with the follow-up provided after resolving their issues, giving us a score of 91%. Follow-up is an essential part of our commitment to client satisfaction.

How We Compare To Others

According to industry benchmarks, the average Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score for software and SaaS companies is around 78%. This makes our average score of 89.74% exceptionally high, showcasing our commitment to providing outstanding support and service that significantly exceeds industry standards

Working With Us

When working with us, you can expect to have your very own account manager who will be there for you whenever you need us, allowing for a good rapport building and familiarity with your unique processes, requirements, and insecurities. In the hearts of our clients and our team alike, the drive for exceptional service is what propels us forward. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

About Us

Complytek specializes in Compliance and Client Lifecycle Management software, focusing on Machine Learning and Automation. By streamlining and automating compliance processes with AI-driven technology, Complytek empowers organizations across various industries to effectively meet their regulatory requirements.