All In One Compliance Solution

Yes, All Those Tabs Can Go

No more pain of using disjointed and fragmented services. Let us show you how everything you do, can be done in one place.

Yes, All Those Tabs Can Go

No more pain of using disjointed and fragmented services. Let us show you how everything you do, can be done in one place.

Bringing Your Data & Workflow Together

If you have your favorite data sources, you don't have to fear losing them. We integrate with some of the most popular data providers by default, and if necessary, we'll integrate with your preferred sources too.

We Say You Can Do It All In One Place & Mean It

From Start To Finish

Automated Data Collection and Verification.

Client onboarding portal can be set up as a white-label solution to keep the client experience consistent with your brand.


Precise Risk Profiling

Based on clients’ attributes, transaction history, and relevant data.

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Risk-Based Client Categorization

Flexibility in categorizing and segmenting clients based on their risk profiles and business relationships.

GDPR-Compliant Document Storage 

Keep all essential client related documents in one place for easy management.



Notifications for Document Updates

Receive notifications when it’s time to update documents and keep client profiles up-to-date.

Compliant and Secure Client Termination

Conclude client relationships smoothly ensuring compliant management of client data during offboarding.

Customizable Automated CLM Processes 

That will be curated during the set up process. Workflow automations can be dynamically changed at any time.


Trigger Alerts for Client Reviews

Minimize manual efforts and potential errors while staying alert with  timely notifications on upcoming client reviews or changes in risk profiles.

Client Activity Audit Trails and Analytics

Be audit-ready at all times with a comprehensive trail of client activities. We provide reporting capabilities for compliance, internal audits, and data analytics. 

And Everything In Between

Client Risk Profiling & Advanced Scoring

Construct detailed risk profiles with numerical scoring based on predefined factors


Client Watchlist Screening

Check customers against various watchlists for links to criminal or terrorist activities.


Ongoing Monitoring & Real-Time Alerts

Receive real-time alerts for high-risk (determined by you) clients.


Complex Ownership Structures

Gain insights into intricate ownership structures, including Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs)


Multi-Jurisdiction & Multi-Regulatory Environment Support


Risk Communication & Prioritization

Simplify risk communication and prioritize critical risks.

Supports Various Payment Formats

Process SWIFT, SEPA, and ISO20022 payment message formats.


Sanctions Screening

Check transactions against various sanctions lists.


PEP Screening

Scan transactions for involvement with politically exposed persons.


Anomaly Detection & Machine Learning

 Identify irregularities and unusual patterns in payment messages.


Transaction Risk Scoring

Assign risk scores to transactions based on predefined factors to focus on high-risk transactions.


Watchlist Management

Customize and manage watchlists according to your risk profile.


API Integration

Integrate with your payment systems and databases.



Integrate and Update Data

Automated data gathering via API connections with external sources and existing platforms.


Screen Against Diverse Databases

Screen individuals and entities against PEPs, sanction lists, and more.


Customizable Risk Profiling and Scoring

Create risk profiles with customizable scoring models. Align risk scoring with your risk appetite.


Electronic Identity and Document Verification

Frictionless client detail and document verification against trusted sources.


Store and Manage Compliance Documents

Secure, centralized repository for identification documents for easy access and retrieval for compliance and audits.


Enhanced Due Diligence

Trigger in-depth investigations for high-risk customers.


Real-Time Ongoing Monitoring

Continuous scrutiny of client profiles and transactions to detect changes in risk levels or suspicious activities.


Ongoing Updates and Efficient Resource Allocation

Continuously updated risk profiles and focused resource allocation.



Combines rule-based alerts with machine learning. Algorithms learn and evolve with each transaction.


Real-Time Monitoring

Continuously monitor transactions in real-time.


Predefined Rule-Based Analysis

Apply predefined rules and algorithms tailored to regulatory requirements and company policies.


Anomaly Detection and Machine Learning

Use machine learning models to identify unusual patterns and deviations. Flag high-risk transactions and minimize false positives.

Customer Risk Profiling

Incorporate a customer’s risk level and transaction history. Identify deviations from typical behavior for enhanced risk management.


Customizable Threshold Monitoring and Scenario Setting

Set thresholds for transaction amounts or frequencies and customize rules. Minimize false positives and align with your specific risk profiles


Data Integration via API

Integrate with core banking systems and relevant data sources


Transparent Reporting & Audit Trails

Comprehensive reporting and audit trails to maintain compliance and transparency in transaction monitoring activities.


Real-Time Fraud Detection & Machine Learning

Scrutinize transaction data in real-time to detect suspicious activities or anomalies.


IP Analysis

Extra layer for added security that allows Inspect IP addresses linked to transaction requests.

Pattern Recognition

Detect unusual transaction patterns associated with fraud


Risk Scoring

Assign risk scores to transactions based on fraud likelihood. Flag high-risk transactions for further investigation.


Authentication & Verification

Integrate multi-factor authentication or biometric verification before prior transaction. 


Behavioral Analysis for Anomaly Detection

Analyze customer transaction behavior to identify deviations.


Real-Time Alerts

Generate instant alerts for suspicious transactions to take immediate action.



Provide insights into fraud trends and prevention effectiveness



We Cover Virtually Every Compliance & AML Need You Could Have

You probably agree that having everything in one place will make your life so much easier. But that's not all—here's what we do:

We automate workflows, provide real-time alerts, and offer customizable risk parameters to focus on high-risk areas, reducing costs and freeing up your team to handle critical tasks efficiently.


 EMIs, Banking, Insurance, Gaming, and Designated Non-Financial Businesses. From big to small, we have something for everyone.

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We Bring It All Together And Automate It